With respect and love for the victims of the Highway of Tears, and guided by their communities, we are committed to fulfilling the 33 recommendations from the Highway of Tears Symposium Recommendations Report. We work diligently towards preventing further victimization, supporting the families of the victims, planning for emergencies and supporting the communities’ efforts towards health and vibrancy.

We would like to acknowledge the families and friends of the victims of the Highway of Tears, as well as all the other families across Canada that are missing their loved ones. It is their perseverance that brings us together and why we continue to identify violence against women, specifically Aboriginal women, as an issue that affects us all. It is in the memory of the missing and murdered women that the Carrier Sekani Family Services Highway of Tears Initiative is grounded.

National Public Inquiry Documents

About Highway of Tears

Find out more about the Carrier Sekani Family Services' Highway of Tears Initiative.

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Documents & Reports

A collection of documents and reports made available the Community Safety Toolkit.

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In Memory

A memorial tribute to the victims...

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This project was made possible through a generous contribution from the Civil Forfeiture Office in partnership with Victim Services and Crime Prevention Division, Ministry of Justice.